pain management

Pain Management

Providing Pain Management Physicians with High Sensitivity Definitive Toxicology Results

Are you missing 18%* of your Patients' Positive Opioid Test Results? You may be without High Sensitivity Definitive Testing.

Fentanyl Reportable Limit 0.5 ng/mL
Buprenorphine Reportable Limit 1 ng/mL
Hydrocodone Reportable Limit 25 ng/mL
Hydromorphone Reportable Limit 50 ng/mL
Oxycodone Reportable Limit 50 ng/mL
Oxymorphone Reportable Limit 50 ng/mL
Tramadol Reportable Limit 50 ng/mL

Prescribing opioid pain medication can be very challenging for physician, ensuring those patients who require pain management to maintain their quality of life are provided proper treatment; while those patients seeking opioid medication for recreational abuse or diversion are identified. The opioid epidemic has placed physicians who routinely prescribe opioid medications, particularly pain management physicians, under a tremendous amount of scrutiny to ensure they are prescribing proper dosing and quantities to their patients. Urine drug testing helps to protect the patient and the practitioner.

Definitive Drug Testing is the only way to ensure a patient is compliant with their pain management treatment. Compliance monitoring for the proper use of prescribed opioids is critical in delivering proper opioid therapy treatment. Our expanded pain management profile, with nor-metabolite testing, allows a physician to positively identify the opioid medications they have prescribed to their patient; through our comprehensive metabolite testing results. Large testing panels enable physicians to detect non-prescribed medications, non-reported medications and illicit drug use, providing pain management physicians a complete toxicology profile.

Reasons for Definitive Urine Drug Testing in Pain Management:

  • Establish a pretreatment baseline.
  • Detect the presence of prescribed medications.
  • Support or refute a patient’s self-reporting of medication adherence.
  • Detect the presence of non-prescribed medications and illicit drugs.
  • Provide guidance for pain management treatment planning.
  • Provide safe and effective treatment for patients.

Benefits of Comprehensive Urine Drug Testing for Medication Monitoring / Risk Assessment

Improved Quality Care

  • Increase evidence of compliance and peace of mind for provider
  • Minimize risk of ADRs for patient, decrease overdoses and deaths
  • Increased diagnosis and treatment of addiction
  • Increased identification of self-medication, potentially leading to diagnosis and treatment of underlying psychological disease

Societal reasons: decrease drug diversion

  • Reduce criminal subculture
  • Decrease risk of addiction of others obtaining drugs illegally

*Internal LabSource testing data using High Sensitivity Definitive Testing Methodology

The LabSource Difference...

High Sensitivity Definitive Toxicology Testing

STAT Accounts Receive Expedited High Sensitivity Definitive Toxicology Testing Results.

30 Day Account Integration – LabSource Quickly Communicates Issues That Can Affect Testing and Turn-Around Time.

High Sensitivity Enzymatic Specimen Incubation Converts All Drugs and Metabolites to a Free-Detectable Form.

Solid Phase Extraction & Concentrate Eliminates Interferences and Extracts Drugs to Increase Sensitivity. Evaporates Liquid Leaving High Concentrations of Drugs for Maximum Sensitivity.

Proprietary Software Verifies Accuracy of All Detected Drugs with Results Reviewed by Two Certifying Scientists.

Patient Results are Compared to the Patient’s Previous Results.

Multi-Level Verification Process for Positive Non-Prescribed Medications.

Automatic Re-test and Verification of Unexpected Results; We Re-test 10% of Specimens.

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