The compliance program at LabSource provides guidance to establish a culture within the organization that promotes prevention, detection and resolution of instances of conduct that do not conform to Federal and State law, and Federal, State and private payor health care program requirements, as well as the laboratory’s ethical and business policies.

The compliance program communicates and demonstrates LabSource’s commitment to the compliance process. LabSource will ensure adequate systems are in place to facilitate ethical and legal conduct. These systems will improve quality of services as well as providing a central coordinating mechanism for furnishing and disseminating information and guidance on pertinent statutes, regulations and other requirements of Federal, State and private health plans.

The compliance program will aid in providing quality services as well as assisting the laboratory in identifying weaknesses in internal systems and management. This program demonstrates LabSource’s commitment to honest and responsible conduct and develops a methodology that encourages employees to report potential problems.


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The LabSource Difference...

High Sensitivity Definitive Toxicology Testing

STAT Accounts Receive Expedited High Sensitivity Definitive Toxicology Testing Results.

30 Day Account Integration – LabSource Quickly Communicates Issues That Can Affect Testing and Turn-Around Time.

High Sensitivity Enzymatic Specimen Incubation Converts All Drugs and Metabolites to a Free-Detectable Form.

Solid Phase Extraction & Concentrate Eliminates Interferences and Extracts Drugs to Increase Sensitivity. Evaporates Liquid Leaving High Concentrations of Drugs for Maximum Sensitivity.

Proprietary Software Verifies Accuracy of All Detected Drugs with Results Reviewed by Two Certifying Scientists.

Patient Results are Compared to the Patient’s Previous Results.

Multi-Level Verification Process for Positive Non-Prescribed Medications.

Automatic Re-test and Verification of Unexpected Results; We Re-test 10% of Specimens.

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