LabSource Billing Policy


LabSource, LLC. has worked hard to significantly reduce the costs of urine drug testing ordered by your provider and bill amongst the lowest in the toxicology industry. We have worked with the Center for Medicare/Medicaid (CMS), private insurance companies as well as other federal payers to obtain in-network status, as well as developed an uninsured and financial hardship policy to help those patients who need such assistance. LabSource, LLC will bill your insurance carrier at a responsible rate on your behalf. After your insurance provider has determined coverage, you will receive a statement as patient responsibility for the amount determined by your carrier as patient liability.

For patients that are self-pay, uninsured, or have a financial hardship, you will receive a patient statement within 1-2 weeks following your laboratory testing.


Office of Inspector General (OIG) and Insurance providers require laboratories like LabSource, LLC to bill patients for deductibles, co-insurance and co-payment amount as reflected on the explanation of benefits (EOB) for testing for each date of service as to avoid any policy violation or any violation to STARK/Anti-Kickback law. The amount of your payment liability is determined by your insurance carrier. LabSource, LLC accepts all forms of commercial insurance and will bill on your behalf.

Testing and charges performed for Workers' Compensation are billed directly to the Workers' Compensation Plans at our standard rates. There is typically no patient responsibility for this type of testing.

If you have any questions regarding your bill from your insurance carrier or LabSource, LLC, please contact our Billing Department (864‐672‐3921) for assistance.


LabSource, LLC is committed to a compassionate and friendly billing policy by working with patients to make the billing process as stress-free as possible. You will receive a statement when there is financial responsibility for the testing ordered by your provider. We encourage you to contact our billing department to discuss financial assistance options. Several payment options are available to those who qualify:

  • Prompt Pay Discount – LabSource, LLC may offer a prompt pay discount for balances paid in full within 30 days of the initial statement.
  • Uninsured Discount – for an individual who does not have health insurance, or is not eligible for health care coverage for services provided by the lab.
  • Payment Plans - payment plans may be established for outstanding balances and will be determined on an individual basis.


Some insurers may send the insurance payment directly to the patient instead of LabSource, LLC. In the event that you receive payment for our laboratory services, please forward this payment directly to LabSource, LLC. and write on the back of the check “Pay to LabSource, LLC.,” include a signature and a copy of EOB if possible and mail to:

LabSource, LLC
Attn: Billing - Insurance Reimbursement
25 Airpark Court
Greenville, SC 29607

In the event a patient does not forward the insurance payment to LabSource, LLC, then LabSource, LLC may send these patients to an outside collection agency.

All patients are encouraged to call our Billing Department (864‐312-6930) if there are any questions or concerns regarding their bill. The Billing Department Line is available Monday through Thursday from 9am – 5pm EST, Friday from 9am – 2pm EST

The LabSource Difference...

High Sensitivity Definitive Toxicology Testing

STAT Accounts Receive Expedited High Sensitivity Definitive Toxicology Testing Results.

30 Day Account Integration – LabSource Quickly Communicates Issues That Can Affect Testing and Turn-Around Time.

High Sensitivity Enzymatic Specimen Incubation Converts All Drugs and Metabolites to a Free-Detectable Form.

Solid Phase Extraction & Concentrate Eliminates Interferences and Extracts Drugs to Increase Sensitivity. Evaporates Liquid Leaving High Concentrations of Drugs for Maximum Sensitivity.

Proprietary Software Verifies Accuracy of All Detected Drugs with Results Reviewed by Two Certifying Scientists.

Patient Results are Compared to the Patient’s Previous Results.

Multi-Level Verification Process for Positive Non-Prescribed Medications.

Automatic Re-test and Verification of Unexpected Results; We Re-test 10% of Specimens.

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