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About LabSource

LabSource provides physicians and healthcare providers with comprehensive toxicology reporting at clinically relevant testing levels utilizing our proprietary High Sensitivity Definitive Testing Methodologies. We provide our testing services to Pain Management, Addiction Medicine, Recovery Centers, Suboxone Prescribers, Hospitals, OB-Gyn, Primary Care, and Internal Medicine Physicians. We offer our providers overnight shipping for their patient specimens and lab test results within 24 to 36 hours of the specimen arriving into our toxicology laboratory.

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The LabSource Difference...

High Sensitivity Definitive Toxicology Testing

STAT Accounts Receive Expedited High Sensitivity Definitive Toxicology Testing Results.

30 Day Account Integration – LabSource Quickly Communicates Issues That Can Affect Testing and Turn-Around Time.

High Sensitivity Enzymatic Specimen Incubation Converts All Drugs and Metabolites to a Free-Detectable Form.

Solid Phase Extraction & Concentrate Eliminates Interferences and Extracts Drugs to Increase Sensitivity. Evaporates Liquid Leaving High Concentrations of Drugs for Maximum Sensitivity.

Proprietary Software Verifies Accuracy of All Detected Drugs with Results Reviewed by Two Certifying Scientists.

Patient Results are Compared to the Patient’s Previous Results.

Multi-Level Verification Process for Positive Non-Prescribed Medications.

Automatic Re-test and Verification of Unexpected Results; We Re-test 10% of Specimens.

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